It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Toodle-Oo

I’ve been putting off writing this.


It’s kind of insane for me to be so sad, considering it’s basically like moving out of one house and moving to another, nicer house a block away.


But every time I move—and I’ve done it at least 20 times since I was about 2—I have to say goodbye before saying hello. Even the times it’s been only a mile or two away, I’m such a sentimental type I have to thank the place for the good times and let go of the bad ones so they don’t linger for the next resident.  It’s a ritual and I’m a baby about it.


And Jill of all Trades has been so, so much more to me than any home ever has been. This was the first place I self-published any of my writing.  It was the first place where I connected with strangers because of my work and my ideas.  It was how I honed my sense of humor, tested out my abilities, met dear friends, faced my own weaknesses, and learned what was important to me.  It was how I learned to engage with the world in a mature, honest way.  It was how I learned how to open my heart.


This website—this silly blog that started as a blog about work stories, featuring shoddy stick drawings and stripper bears—has been literally the longest commitment I’ve ever made to anything in my entire life. It’s been an enormous part of shaping who I am today.


And even though I’m SO excited about Comic Wisdom, and I think it’s an important next step for me as I develop my career, I know that once in a while I will look back and I will miss Jill of all Trades.  I’ll miss the curly-q font in the image header, and the dumb rotating tagline, and the comments section, and the freedom to do basically whatever I want, whenever I want.


And certainly, I’ll miss the handful of readers I know simply won’t be interested in Comic Wisdom and won’t follow me there.


I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t the right decision—trust me, I’ve labored over this—so I don’t want the takeaway to be sad. I’m truly thrilled about my new site, my new direction and the opportunities it could bring me, not just for success but also for more connection, more readers, and a more meaningful publication.  I’m excited to meet all the new people this venture will introduce me to.  And I’m really, really excited for the opportunity to better use the skills I’ve learned here at Jill of all Trades.


But before I go, I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me over the years—my regular readers, my occasional readers, the old ones and the new ones, my family, my friends, the brands who took a chance on me (I hope you found my influence helpful!), the other bloggers who answered my questions and had my back, and all the people who’ve said kind things to me about my work (every drop of this has meant so much more than you realize.


I’m a writer, and I fancy myself a comedian, but at the end of the day what matters the most to me is the people, and the connections. And even though I only made like 3 cents a day here, the humanity I’ve experienced—brace yourselves for the cliché—has made me truly rich.


I hope you’ll come see me over at Comic Wisdom. And if you feel sad, just remember—it’s not goodbye, it’s just…toodle-oo.


<3 Samantha


It's Not Goodbye, It's Toodle-Oo  |  Jill of all Trades



A little about Comic Wisdom:


The news is exhausting. The world is a shitshow, the major news outlets are a joke, and I’m not the only American who relied far too heavily on Jon Stewart to find out what was happening in the world (before we lost him to retired beard-dom, may he chill in peace).  Who the hell has the energy to keep up with it all without going totally bananas or getting insanely depressed?


No one, that’s who.


That’s where Comic Wisdom comes in.  We’re here to provide insight into it all, with a sense of humor.  Many of our posts are written by our founder Samantha Clarke, and we also regularly interview or chat with other comedians, stand-up comics and humor writers and bloggers too!


You can check it out now at, and be sure to subscribe for email notifications!  The Grand Opening is Saturday, July 30th, and will feature our first interview with comedian and co-host of the White Wine True Crime! podcast, Caitlin Cutt.  If you subscribe to Jill of all Trades, you will NOT be automatically subscribed to Comic Wisdom, so be sure to go do that now!


If you follow me on Twitter, don’t worry—I’m just changing my handle. The only thing that will change is that it’ll say Samantha Clarke @comic_wisdom instead of Samantha Clarke @jilldetrabajos!


You can also find Comic Wisdom on Facebook and Pinterest.


Looking forward to seeing you around!


What Is Jill of all Trades About?

Good fucking question.

Here’s the thing: all the “blogging experts” (in other words, random people on the internet who started blogging about blogging, got tons of traffic, and then decided that meant they were “gurus”) say that you should find your niche or hone in on your purpose.

Jill of all Trades actually had a pretty distinct purpose at first, albeit a stupid one (I was 20): already by that point in my life I’d held a LOT of different jobs, and most of them were customer service, so I was telling funny stories from my work experience.

It was bad, the stories were bad, and I was bored after like 4 posts.

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How Frame of Reference Impacts Us More than We Think

Recently I started listing to the Invisibilia podcast from NPR (fantastic, by the way), and their most recent episode was about how your frame of reference can greatly impact your experience.

They interviewed a woman with Asperger’s who participated in an experiment that allowed her to briefly see the world through the eyes of someone without it, and she talked about how that changed her whole outlook on life.  Even though afterward she went home with exactly the same limitations, she had gotten a different frame of reference for life, and that made a huge impact on her.

This story was moving and fascinating, to be sure, but it didn’t resonate the way the second interview did.

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How to Save Money as an Actual Poor Person

Are you a young, poor person scraping by? Are you sick of bullshit “how to save money” articles on the internet clearly written by people who’ve never brought a calculator to the grocery store?


How to Save Money as a Poor Person | Jill of all Trades
“Paris hotels drop their rates so much in the winter!”


Well today I have some advice for you from someone who has been legitimately poor.

Me. That person is me.

How to Save Money as an Actual Poor Person | Jill of all Trades

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An Epilogue to Innocence: Book Review

An Epilogue to Innocence is the latest publication from writer, blogger, and all-around awesome guy Tim Baughman, whom you may know from That Tiny Website.  It is a series of short stories centered on what it means to be in your 20s—a period he and I and, according to the stats, most of my readers, are in varying stages of—particularly as part of the generation the media (with just a slight whiff of disdain) calls the “millennials.”

Now listen, you and I both know that I’m not exactly the book review type.  So why the hell am I doing this?  Am I trying to bore my readers to death?

But…this fucking book, you guys.


An Epilogue to Innocence: Book Review | Jill of all Trades
You can even judge it by its cover, because look, it’s pretty!

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I Need Your Help: The “New Look” Survey

Hi folks!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve had a bit of a site overhaul recently–new design, some new colors, a new shop…ch-ch-changes, is what I’m saying.

I want to get your feedback!  I make these changes to try to make things better for you, my readers.  So let me know if it’s working for you by taking the “new look” survey below!

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Intersectional Feminism: What It Is and Why It’s Important

*This post was originially published April 9, 2015–it felt like high time for a reboot*


Have you been hearing the term “intersectional feminism” lately and been like…what the hell is that?  Some fancy-talk with a complicated definition, or some made-up feminist word?  Is it a term only some feminists use, like “womyn?”


Well don’t fear, because it’s neither very complicated nor very shocking.  Most of my readers, based on demographics and surveys, probably believe in intersectional feminism and don’t even know it!  It’s been around for decades, but has only come into the mainstream recently, and has been getting a lot of buzz without a lot of explanation.  So I’m here to explain to you what it is and why it’s important.


Intersectional Feminism: What it is and why it's important  |  Jill of all Trades


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Things People Could Talk About on Facebook That Would Be More Interesting Than What They Usually Post

-Hillary Clinton’s latest pantsuit

-the French economy

-how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop

-kids these days

-whether it’s physically possible to dislike the Beach Boys

-the latest science on how much water you should have a day

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