8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following    ~From Jill of all Trades

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in an ocean of shitty blogs?

Do you wade through Feedly, Bloglovin’, and Twitter helplessly, overwhelmed by mediocrity?

Do you want nothing more than to have the best blogs rounded up for you in one tidy location?

Well, I’m here to save the day.

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following
As usual.

I have gone through excruciating measures to bring you a solid 8 hilarious, helpful, moving, and/or insightful blogs for you to start reading!

They are listed in no particular order, for the record.

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following:

1. This Is Not That Blog

Claim(s) to Fame: funny

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--This Is Not That Blog
From her post Good News For People Who Hate Boring News

2. Minimalist Baker

Claim(s) to Fame: helpful, healthy, delicious

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--Minimalist Baker
From their post Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding

3. Mara Wilson Writes Stuff 

Claim(s) to Fame: funny, insightful, and Matilda

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--Mara Wilson Writes Stuff
Photo by Ari Scott

4. Young House Love

Claim(s) to Fame: inspiring, helpful, Virginians (I’m loyal, okay)

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--Young House Love
Sherry & John of Young House Love

5. (Not So) Quiet Girl 

Claim(s) to Fame: insightful, inspiring

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--(Not So) Quiet Girl
Nadia is one of my new favorite bloggers!

6. Short Stories and Sustenance

Claim(s) to Fame: clever, funny, insightful

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--Short Stories and Sustenance
The Best of Short Stories and Sustenance

7. ComaDiary

Claim(s) to Fame: artistic, insightful

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--ComaDiary
From her latest post Sketchbook Sunday #6

8. Pickleope

Claim(s) to Fame: funny 

8 Killer Blogs You Should Be Following--Pickleope
This is a Pickleope, apparently.

Follow them all on your preferred platform (I recommend Twitter or Bloglovin’, but you can also find most bloggers on Feedly if you prefer)!



What other killer blogs don’t I know about?  Anything to include in the next roundup?

  • Tim

    Oh man, I loved AP classes in high school. Getting 4s on 6 separate tests made my college life — and graduating in 2.5 years — so much easier. AP English wasn’t my favorite AP class (that was AP history by a large margin), however doing well on both AP English tests was very gratifying after having a superbitch as an honors English teacher my sophomore year.

  • SamanthaLily

    AP was amazing, right? It really helped me with my college credit too, for realsies. I started freshman year in my second term! AP Euro was my favorite, AP Junior English second. I think I’d have really liked AP U.S. History too, but I didn’t get a chance to take it.

    I’m sorry about Ms. Superbitch. I think if I’d had a superbitch for ANY of my AP classes I’d have done way worse. Mean teachers are very discouraging.

  • SamanthaLily

    Brittany–I certainly didn’t mean to imply that feminist and Christian were mutually exclusive. If you take the bible 100% literally, then they absolutely are, but I’ve met some lovely people (like you, and like Tabitha Wells of Arbitrary Scrawling) who are both things and are rocking it.

    I can see the desire to use the word “humanist” (which I also am, and call myself), but it seems to me that to use it in PLACE of the word feminist is not to imply that you are for the rights of all people (which you are, and so am I), but unfortunately it implies that you don’t believe the plight of women is a particular issue. Which it is.

    You might like this quote:

  • mary

    As a teacher (a young one who gets called “cool” etc. and all that), I have to say– yes, it’s fun to have a teacher with charisma who helps you learn about life, but you aren’t entitled to it. That’s just some dumb thing Hollywood made people think about teachers–that they all have to be like Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society. Teachers don’t have to have charisma in order to teach you something. It’s about you being open to learning, not about people forcing learning down your throat via their cool personalities. Take it upon yourself to learn, to give a crap about learning, and you’ll see that almost all teachers have something to teach you… yes, even if they’re old and weird. And when you get to college and have a teacher with a boring and repetitive personality, don’t get entitled and shitty about it–you are choosing to be there, and teachers are hired because they know something, not because they seem like they’d be fun to have a drink with. Education is awesome and, even if someone pays a lot for it, it’s not a consumer product… teachers aren’t “good” because you like them and “bad” because you don’t. That’s a very lazy and entitled way to view the process of learning!

  • I will agree that I’m a feminist in the definition that you posted at the beginning of this post. I do believe that men and women are equal and deserve equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work, etc.

    I do, however, think that there is a very large, very loud group of feminists that ruin it for everyone who has those beliefs. There is a very loud group of feminists who would rather make women victims than build them up as strong human beings. And I don’t stand behind that. There are people who you have to tiptoe your every word around because they might take a simple joke or a casual statement and turn it into a feminist issue. And, while I get where they’re coming from, I don’t think it helps the cause. I think it makes women look bitter and weak. And that’s the kind of feminism that I have always and will always roll my eyes at.

    I’m also a Christian and agree that there is a large group of loud Christians who are still trying to push the rest of us back into the stone age with the types of values they endorse. But that’s not everyone, either. Just like not all feminists are burning bras and hating on men, not all Christians are anti-woman or anti-social justice… just the loud ones. 🙂

  • I totally agree that feminism meets unique set of issues specific to females. So I wouldn’t say “No I’m NOT a feminist, I’m a humanist.” I would say “Of course I’m a feminist, because I’m a humanist.” The way a chemist is obviously a scientist, if that makes sense.

  • SamanthaLily

    Okay. I’ve actually had plenty of boring teachers that I still learned from, in both high school and college. My chemistry teacher in high school had the most monotone voice I’ve ever heard, and I barely scraped by with my A because I found it so hard to pay attention. I didn’t write about him because he still taught me chemistry. You’re right–he did his job, and I respect him for it. My complaint with this AP English teacher wasn’t that she wasn’t Mr. Freaking Feeny, it was that she was so senile (and a little crazy) that she literally didn’t know what she was saying anymore. The only reason I managed to learn anything in that class–which I did, because I DO “give a crap about learning”–was by applying the skills I’d learned from my wonderful teacher the year before in AP Junior Lit to the pieces we were assigned. No matter how hard I tried to learn from this teacher, I couldn’t, because she wasn’t teaching.

    I understand that teachers are underappreciated. I understand that their job is to teach you chemistry or Spanish or whatever, not to be Robin Williams. I studied to be a teacher, in fact, I just went down a different path. I know that the being appreciated and even respected parts are few and far between. But it was a little presumptuous of you to give me a lecture on how I should care more about learning and not be “lazy and entitled,” and to tell me about what it’ll be like when I “get to college” (I’m a fully grown adult who has been out of college for 4 years now, in the workforce for 8). You don’t know me and you don’t know my story, and you could not have known any of the things you assumed from this post.

    My grandfather gave up a life of wealth and status in Syria to give his family a better life here, including the very precious right to education. I do not and never have taken my access to education for granted.

  • SamanthaLily

    Well we can agree on that for sure. 🙂 I’d say the exact same thing!

  • Well, that & the fact that Rush Limbaugh is a douche 😉

  • Nadia_H

    You are awesome. Thank you!

    I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs you’ve recommended. In turn, I highly recommend Rosalind Jana’s Clothes, Cameras and Coffee (cool ethical fashion ftw!) and Sarah Lambert’s The Laughing Medusa (the diary of a very cool Canadian expat).

    Much love from across the pond xx