Amazon Prime Review

Today is the second annual Amazon Prime Day, a Black Friday-esque day of deals except all online, all for Amazon Prime members and with significantly fewer literal barrels full of socks.

In honor of that, I want to briefly run over what I think of Amazon Prime–which I’ve been using for about 3 years now.


Free Two-Day Shipping:

Firstly, if you already regularly buy Amazon products, you will most likely make up that $99 in shipping over the year.  I buy my cat food and litter in big old 25-40 lb bags on Amazon, and the canned food in 24-packs.  It saves me a ton of money buying it in bulk that way, plus I get it in two days…for free.

And litter and food are heavy–what I save in shipping is not a small amount.  I more than make up for the $99.


Tons of Shows & Music & Movies:

Did you know that the entirety of The Sopranos is on Amazon Prime?  ‘Nuff said.


Access to Cool Programs:

It seems like I’m constantly getting emails for new stuff Amazon does that initially comes out for Prime members only.  When the Alexa thing was first introduced, it was initially only available to Amazon Prime members if I recall correctly.  Prime Now–in other words, groceries and pad thai on my doorstep within an hour, from the comfort of my phone–is also for Prime members only.  And, of course, Prime Day!  It’s this neat little VIP level of access, and it’s super fun.



You Can Have a Guest:

Did you know that if you’re like, married and your partner has their own account, they can be a “guest” and still get access to the free shipping?  It’s insanely handy.  No need for two separate Amazon Prime subscriptions.  You just have to log into the primary member’s account for access to the shows and movies!


Student Pricing:

If you have a .edu email address, you can sign up as a student and it’s only $49.  Plus they’re doing a 6-month free trial right now.  If you buy books or supplies on Amazon, this is a killer deal!


I’m never going without Amazon Prime again, honestly.  It’s too good a deal and I have too good a system set up around it.  Check it out today and get started with a free trial!!