A Lily Cup Compact Review


A Lily Cup Compact Review      ~From Jill of all Trades




I had the pleasure recently of being approached by the lovely people at Intimina.  They saw that I was interested in menstrual cups (and in making jokes about periods, I guess) and wanted me to help promote their Kickstarter campaign–which I did gladly.  Because they basically reinvented the menstrual cup (which was already pretty fucking cool).



They offered to send me a free Lily Cup Compact in exchange for my help promoting it, which they didn’t need to because I would have done it anyway, but which gave me an idea:



I could do a Lily Cup Compact review!



It arrived in the mail just a few days before my period started, which was stellar timing.  Unboxing it was fun–I took pictures:



A Lily Cup Compact Review      ~From Jill of all Trades
It even came it a pretty bag!
A Lily Cup Compact Review      ~From Jill of all Trades
They sent me both sizes–but I definitely need the smaller one (squirrel vagina). I plan on giving the bigger one to someone, maybe my sister, and getting a report from her to share with y’all as well.




Now, before I go into the details about this specific cup, you should know a few things:



1. The average woman uses about 1,625 tampons in her life.  More, if she bleeds like she got stabbed in the uterus with a broadsword, like me.  All of that waste goes into landfills.  If you want an example of how one person alone can make a huge difference, that’s it (not to mention if she can then get other people on board, too)!  It’s by far the greenest option for dealing with periods.



2. Tampons are super gross.  They’re not always clean, there’s a nasty little string hanging out getting poop on it, they absorb all your natural fluids and make you drier than a popcorn fart, and they make you feel like you’ve got a little tiny cotton dildo shoved up in you all the time.




A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades
And WAY less fun than anything you could do with a real one.




3. Menstrual cups are WAY cheaper.  Most of them run somewhere between 35 and 55 bucks, and they’re made of medical-grade silicone so they last, like, 10 years.  I was using a ton of tampons every year (long-lasting and heavy flow, tiny vagina–that equals lots and lots of small tampons), and even buying them at Costco in the 90-packs that was costing me about $65 a year.  I got my Lunette on sale for like $25, but even if I had bought it full price at $40 I would have saved money within the first year.



And I don’t know about you, but I like money.




4. Don’t even get me started on pads, A.K.A. The Devil.



Pads, AKA the devil:  A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades



So, that’s my generalized plug for menstrual cups.  You ladies don’t know what you’re missing until you try it!




Now, as for the Lily Cup Compact:



I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t expect to like it as much as my Lunette (it sort of seemed too good to be true!), but I really do.  For one, it really is about as small as a jar of lip balm when it’s all closed up (that wasn’t bullshit):




A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades It's as small as a jar of lip balm!   A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades



…which is, of course, SUPER nice.  It also doesn’t look like anything, so if someone sees it in your purse it’s not a big deal.  Unlike, say, the traditional drawstring bag with your big old honkin’ ladycup in it.



But what I thought was even more revolutionary than that was the fact that it is SO soft and pliable, it sort of takes your form–plus it’s way easier to insert.



The top, when folded for insertion (is it just me or does “insertion” sound both dirty AND weirdly sterile?), is about as big as the Lunette:




It's as small as a jar of lip balm!   A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades
The Lily Cup Compact, folded for insertion.
It's as small as a jar of lip balm!   A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades
The Lunette folded the same way, for comparison.




But as you can see in the pictures, the body of it is much, much smaller.  It’s also insanely soft silicone, it felt almost like fabric with a firm rim.  At first that actually freaked me out when I put it in–I was sure it wasn’t going to sit in place properly or hold its suction.  But it actually did fantastically.




A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades
Impressive little thing, isn’t it!




It was easier to get hold of to pull out, too, which is good if you have short fingers and have a harder time with that anyway (squirrel vagina, stubby fingers, 8-day massacre periods…is there anything NOT wrong with me?).  With it being so soft and pliable, I could really get around it to pull it out–it wasn’t so slippery and evasive.



I also left it in for the full 10 hours (the limit recommended with the compact, it being so small–most cups are 12 hours), and had absolutely no spillage or discomfort.  It didn’t seem like it was in there right, given it was sort of squished around at a funny angle, but apparently it was.



The Lily Cup Compact really WASN’T too good to be true!




It's as small as a jar of lip balm!   A Lily Cup Compact Review        ~From Jill of all Trades




I highly recommend this cup for women who are:



-Always on-the-go

-In possession of squirrel vaginas and/or stubby fingers

-In possession of a weirdly-shaped vagina (as it will mold to it)

-Into the color pink

-Into saving the environment

-Into saving money

-Into having better sex and a healthier vagina



You can get the Lily Cup Compact if you donate to Intimina’s Kickstarter Campaign (only $33 dollars will earn you one at the end of the campaign right now!), or if you’d like a regular, non-compact menstrual cup you can get the Lunette on Amazon or you can get the regular Lily Cup also through the Lily Cup Kickstarter!




The Lunette Menstrual Cup     ~From "A Lily Cup Compact Review" @ Jill of all Trades
The Lunette–Jill’s #1 Recommended Regular Menstrual Cup



Does anyone else use a menstrual cup and think they might like to try a compact version? Any tampon or pad users feel like they’ve just been converted to menstrual cups?  Tell me in the comments!



And be a dear, and follow me on Twitter or Pinterest (pick your poison!  Or both poisons!  They’re both delicious).


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  • Interesting. I purchased the Lunetta after you raved about it, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet (it arrived after my period last month). I was surprised that it wasn’t softer, so this one is interesting too. But since I JUST bought one menstrual cup I don’t think I can justify another one right now. Good to know though.

    • SamanthaLily

      I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Lunette. I still absolutely LOVE mine–I think I might end up using both of these. The Lily Cup Compact when I’m on lighter days or when I expect to be out and about, and the Lunette on the heavier days.

  • ificouldfly

    I have a lunette for 5 years now and decided to buy another one to try, so a friend of mine showed me the Intimina Kickstarter campain and I backed it. I am now waiting for my cup!:)) I am glad you had a great experience, I hope it will be the same for me.

    • SamanthaLily

      Awesome! I’d love to hear back from you once you try it!

  • You have really clean hands.

    • SamanthaLily

      Lucky timing. I think I had just done dishes. Normally I have oodles of shit under my fingernails!

  • Shoshanah

    So, after the birth of my second child (and subsequent vaginal tearing) I’ve found my Diva cup is too stiff and it is now painful to use. I’ve backed the Kickstarter for the this collapsible cup in the hopes that smaller & softer = more comfy. And I’m so sick of having to use pads again. Hurry up! I NEED the Lily Cup. 🙂

    • Excellent! That sounds like a great use for it. I can imagine it must be a nightmare trying to deal with a regular cup or tampons or anything inserted when you’re healing from the tearing on TOP of the birth itself.

      I hate pads with a burning passion. I’d probably use rags, like a 19th century lady, before going back to pads.

  • LesAnn620

    I’m obsessed with my MeLuna — you can get them in glitter! they come in many colors! you can order them with different type stems to make it easier to grab! I like the stem with the ring! hook and pull baby! — but when I saw the Intimina Kickstarter I backed it immediately. It sounds awesome and I’m glad to know it is! Can’t wait to get mine! My biggest problem with regular menstrual cups is every great once in a while they don’t pop open so all the mess just goes around and a while later, when I’m no longer near a bathroom, all the sudden it’s hey! Surprise! You need to fix it now! Haha hope you didn’t like those underwear! Still trying to figure out if a softer or harder material would be more helpful (MeLuna comes in “classic” and “soft”). Can’t decide, pretty sure it’s happened with both.

    • That’s really good to know about the MeLuna! They’re one of the brands on my list of “menstrual cups I’d like to review” for Jill of all Trades. I’ve learned with my Lunette to stick my finger up in there after I’ve put it in to make sure it popped open, because yeah–that can be a nightmare. Since I started doing that I haven’t had any accidents though!

      And so far none with the Lily Cup either, but I haven’t had as long to test that one. 🙂

  • Hknight

    I really value the insight you shared about using the Lily Cup, however, it would be more pleasant to read and easier to recommend to others without the profanity. Thank you.

    • If your friends don’t like profanity, don’t share it. But don’t come onto my site and lecture me about how I write. I am perfectly willing to lose a few people from the profanity to be myself, especially when I actually GAIN people who feel that I am down to earth, relatable, and funny.

      Nobody wants to hear about a freakin’ menstrual cup from someone with a stick up their ass.

      Thank you.

      • True

        The nerve of some people!!

    • Guest

      The nerve of some people!!!

  • Eileen Hendriksen

    Hi, love the review, have already backed it and am very excited to transition to a menstrual cup. I am curious though why you say this cup is for women who enjoy having better sex?

    • Well really I’d say ANY cup is for women who enjoy having better sex. I don’t know about you, but when I use tampons, I get dry as hell down there and sometimes even scraped by the dry cotton going into a dry vagina. They absorb ALL of your natural fluids, even ones that are really important for a healthy balance in there. And a healthy, lubricated vagina is a key ingredient in pleasant sex!!!

  • Gwenthyr

    Hi, I have never tried cups, heard of them once or twice in my life, but when I saw the kickstarter I backed it and wanted to try anyway. I did that before I read this but I wasn’t sure it was the best idea, since I am also from the lot that probably gave ground for the men saying that what bleeds so much for seven days and lives shouldn’t be trusted. Your review just dispelled most of my worry about that :] Thanks.

    • I’m so glad to hear that!! I really think you’ll like it more than you expect to. I’m more and more convinced every day that the only reason tampons are the norm anymore is because a handful of HUGE corporations has made it that way. But the menstrual cup movement is spreading, and you’re contributing to it! Yay you! 😀

      • Gwenthyr

        Yay! 😀 If you are right, I am sure as hell going to tell all my female friends. I think cups aren’t much known in my country and if they are as good as they sound it’s a real shame.

        • I agree, it IS a shame. They’re not very well known here. And I was converted by my best friend, who was kind enough to get hers out and show me how to fold it and answer all my questions. So in-person recommendations should never be underrated!!

  • Biota

    I backed the Kickstarter awhile ago and found this review through an update that they sent out. Love this…Your writing is too funny. 🙂

  • Name Withheld

    Thanks for your review, I have backed the kickstarter campaign having never even considered a menstrual cup before now. My only hesitation is forgetting the thing and leaving it in, with no irritating string to remind. Maybe I need a string around the finger as a reminder???

    • LOL I will not lie to you and say I’ve never forgotten it was in there (because yes, it’s THAT comfortable and unobtrusive). But I’ve never had it truly backfire on me–just that “oh crap, it’s been 17 hours and I haven’t emptied it!!” thing. It helps that there are ZERO known cases of TSS from a menstrual cup (unlike tampons) so I’m not horribly worried I’ll go into shock and die if I forget about it like I was with tampons.

  • Colleen

    I’ve already funded the Kickstarter campaign and am a current Lunette cup user. Is the compact cup much smaller? In comparison for sizing does the compact follow similar to the Lunette?

    I am asking since at the end of the compaign I need to choose a size and I’m really torn on what size to get.

    • I wore an A size in both, and they seemed comparable. The compact is only a little smaller. If you’re on the fence already with the Lunette…I’d say do the B size in the compact. If you’re pretty solidly an A in the Lunette, stick with it.

      • Colleen

        Thanks, I am a size B in Lunette due to heavy flows.
        The birth by c-section on the Compact is what threw me for a loop as the lunette says any child bearing. Thanks for the tip and excellent review!

  • Aleceeya

    So sizing…I have no clue how big or small my good china is. I’ve never had anyone down there complaining that it was too small or large lol, so I’m at a loss. How do you recommend figuring out what size I should get? Some sort of dirty ruler or do I just guess?

    • Well a good start is have you had children by natural birth? If yes, you probably want the bigger one. If the answer is no, then I’d ask how heavy your flow is. I have a super heavy flow but a squirrel vagina, so I still went with the smaller one, but if you’re fairly medium sized and have a heavy flow you might want the bigger one.

      And if anyone ever complains that your vagina is too big or too small, I find it’s REALLY easy to just turn that right the hell around on them. LOL 😉

  • Nadia H

    Great review of what looks like a great product! I recently bought a MoonCup and am loving it so far. I was constantly worried with tampons – I developed a fear that I’d forget I had one up there and put another one in. And yeah, pads can just go die in a corner!

    Also – “popcorn fart” made me laugh perhaps more than is reasonable.

    • LOL I have the same fear!!! I’ve had it ever since I was a little kid!


    I actually already backed this on kickstarter which is how I found your review! A couple questions for you… I’m a virgin- not sure how big/ small my vagina is…. I don’t know which size to get. I’ve been considering a menstrual cup for a couple months now and I just couldn’t pass up this compact one! But, I am SO nervous that it won’t work for me, I’ve struggled with tampons- and while, I’m a virgin, im not afraid of my body, I can never seem to get the tampons in right… I hope that I can figure this out- Advice?

    • Well if you’re a virgin then you’ve never had a baby, so unless you have a REALLY heavy flow I’d say you’re almost surely a size A. The trick to putting it in right is to watch a couple of Youtube videos showing the different ways to fold it (most people prefer the way I have it folded in the pictures on here), and experiment. Don’t be afraid to stick a finger up in there once you get it in and wiggle it around to make sure it has popped back open. It can be tricky the first few times you do it, the key is to have confidence that you’ll get it down (everyone does eventually!) and to not panic. I TOTALLY panicked the first time I put one in and now I laugh at myself because panicking made all my muscles down there contract and made it hard to get out!

      If once you get it you still have questions or need advice, most of the menstrual cup companies have guides on their sites, Youtube has tons of advice videos, and you can even come to me or someone else who has one and can give you tips. Feel free to email me if you’d like. jilldetrabajos@gmail.com. 🙂

      Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll like it better than tampons, especially since the tampons never sat right for you. (Btw it could easily have been the tampons that were a problem, not the way you put them in. For me, even with the small ones, I could always feel them in there, and it felt like they were in wrong).

  • ilmade1984

    I have a diva cup and I am not sure if I am the only one who goes through this, but by the middle of my period or year it gets uncomfortable to put in, kind of hurts (I think due to the silicone the diva cup uses). So I am hoping this cup will be more comfortable for me. ( 29 yr old female with no kids) I use BC so it helps with my crazy cramps, so my monthly horror only lasts 2-3 days max now. I don’t know how some of you ladies do it with out.

    • Hmm, yeah I don’t think that’s normal! Even Lunette doesn’t ever hurt to put in for me–sounds like it could definitely be the design of the Diva cup. I certainly hope this Lily Cup will be more comfortable for you too!

  • Ozmarg

    I have never heard of these cups before I saw the kickstarter one and absolutely hate tampons as they don’t feel right when placed in!! I have pledged and this could be a lifesaver!

  • michelle

    This is awesome! How do we buy one?

  • Kinsey

    I was super siked when I received mine and now I can use it… I’m having a HELL of a time wrestling the thing into me. I’ve been using a diva cup 7+ years. And I tried for about an hour all the folds and what not and it kept crinkling. And I don’t wanna have to shove my fingers around and …ya know.. Did you have that issue at first? I find the diva so easy because I’m tighter and it just goes in place but this damn thing just wouldn’t work with me. I’d love to figure it out!

    • LOL I hear you on this one!!! I do have to shove my fingers in there and push it into place. It doesn’t just pop in as smoothly as a diva cup or a lunette cup. Personally I still feel like it’s worth that extra little bit of trouble since it’s SO comfortable, convenient, and easy to get out, plus honestly I get blood all over my hands whether or not I’m jamming fingers up there, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me to do it! But that’s up to you and your personal comfort level.

      I hope you figure it out! It might just be a matter of practice, trying different methods and figuring out what works best for you. 🙂

  • Maite

    Hi, I have been doing some research about this cup. I personally really like the idea of it but I´ve found that some people are having leaking issues. Did you have any trouble with that?

    • I’ve got a SUPER heavy flow so I use my Lunette cup for heavier days. I do experience a little leaking if I wear the Lily Cup Compact for the whole period.

      If you have a relatively light flow, I’d say your chances of leaking are pretty low. If you have a heavy flow and you only want to buy one cup, go for the Lunette. I have links to both in the article!

      • Maite

        I dont’t have a really heavy flow so I will give it a chance. Thank you!!

  • Jenna Weiner

    I backed the Kickstarter and have been using my Lily Cup Compact for a while now. I noticed over time that it seems like the collapsible part started collapsing inside me (I can’t get a good seal upon insertion) and it has started leaking pretty regularly. I still love how soft the material is. I decided to try another cup – I got the Lunette, larger one (since I was hoping for something that held more) and… uh, I’m still adjusting. It’s so much harder to grip the ‘stick’ to remove it, while the Lily Cup is super easy to remove. And I love the shape of the Lily Cup too, with it being so narrow at the bottom. The Lunette is big all the way through and rather painful for me to remove. Anyway, I’ll keep trying…

    One note regarding pads, the experience with reusable pads vs. disposable is so different. I buy mine from a gal on Etsy (shop name: Sew Fussy) and they are so soft, absorbent and comfortable… and not very noticeable, especially with jeans or skirts. She offers a few different toppers, but my favorite are velour and backed with bamboo. Easy to care for (I wash them when I’m in the shower the next day and they get clean just by walking on them as I wash up – which would probably gross some people out, but it works for me – and then launder them with my towels or clothes), less leaks than disposable pads (I swear, disposable pads are like a funnel) and very comfortable against the skin. Plus, they close with snaps instead of sticky stuff. 🙂

  • milly

    Loved your writing! However, it is so difficult to read with small bleak colours and huge spaces. Keep up cracking jokes!