I Need Your Help: The “New Look” Survey

Hi folks!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve had a bit of a site overhaul recently–new design, some new colors, a new shop…ch-ch-changes, is what I’m saying.

I want to get your feedback!  I make these changes to try to make things better for you, my readers.  So let me know if it’s working for you by taking the “new look” survey below!

Oh, and while you’re at it, did you know you can subscribe to this blog and get posts delivered hot and fresh to your email inbox immediately after they post??  I know, so exciting and unique, right?

You can subscribe using the bar at the top of the page, or the box in the sidebar (below for mobile readers).  Survey is below!  Thanks SO much for your feedback!

*Link to survey for mobile users (embedded survey doesn’t load right on mobile)*


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  • <3 I filled out the survey, but just had to say, I LOVE the new design 🙂