How Not Understanding Racism Can Cause Self-Hatred

Good topic for a comedy blogger, right? Well at Jill of all Trades we (I say “we” so that it sounds like a serious operation and not just one chick on a laptop) don’t skip the serious stuff…we just try to keep a good sense of humor about it.


So today, I’ve written a 2,800-word self-indulgent piece of crap about how hard my life was as a kid. There aren’t very many jokes. I’ll intersperse some cat pictures to get you through it.


How Not Understanding Racism Can Cause Self-Hatred (plus cat pictures for balance) | Jill of all Trades
Cute Cat #1 (let’s do this). From Wikimedia user Aka.

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Short Answers to Big Questions

As a comedy blogger on the internet, it is apparent to me that no one is more qualified than I am to tackle the big questions in life for you lovely people of the world—what is the meaning of existence, is true love real, is there a god, how to lose a guy in 10 days…you know, the really important things. I could probably give a sermon on each question, but ain’t nobody got time for that, so below are the short answers for maximum efficiency.


Be enlightened, my children.

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How to Run a Craigslist Business (Without Getting Murdered)

Hey guys, you know how this site is called Jill of all Trades? Do you know why that is?


It’s because, due to the barely lower middle-class, pull up your bootstraps, move out the day you turn 18 family I come from, I started working at 14, as a dishwasher and busser for a catering company. I also moved out of my parents’ house JUST in time for the economy to collapse in 2008. My nearly 12 years in the work force plus all the moving around I’ve done plus the shitty economy have not only forced me to bounce around to a ton of different jobs, but also to get creative with the ways I made money (get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about a Craigslist business!). All that trade-hopping combined with being a pretty quick learner have me made okay at a very large number of things, and excellent at none of them.

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Did You Know Laughter is Actually Good For You?

Did You Know Laughter is Actually Good For You? | Jill of all Trades

Science says so.

I found that article from the University of Maryland after noticing that my boyfriend and I were feeling super tired and gross, and then we looked at stupid memes on Reddit, laughed our asses off, and felt significantly better afterward.

I realized I’d been hearing my whole life that “laughter is the best medicine” and other little quips like that, but I’d never heard any actual proof. So, like the totally real journalist that I am, I went digging.

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People With Accents: A Music Review


People With Accents - You Could Be Wrong | Jill of all Trades


I know music reviews aren’t usually my thing, you guys, but believe it or not I’m a little bit musical myself. I can kinda almost sing, and I played the flute for seven years of my K-12 educational years, plus I half-learned how to play the piano in elementary school.  I’m basically an expert.  Allegra, time signature, eighth note, cadence, treble clef.  See?


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18 Ways to Tell if it’s PMS

by Daleen Ayres (& Samantha Clarke)


18 Ways to Tell if it's PMS | Jill of all Trades


Most people with periods have experienced some form of PMS in their lives, and for those people, we offer some slightly dark humor to help you deal with the several combined years of your precious life you will spend dealing with this bullshit.


Fun fact: if your period lasts an average of 4 days per month, and you have your period from about ages 13-50, you will bleed for a total of 4.8 combined years of your life, not counting papercuts and bear maulings.


On THAT depressing note…



You Can Tell it’s PMS When:


…. Relegating bathroom trips to your breaks at work makes you feel like you’re in prison


…. It takes a truck lift to get you out of bed


…. People start asking if you’re pregnant (the answer is yes, and the father is nachos)


…. The elliptical machine becomes akin to the Iron Maiden torture device


…. Someone broke into your bathroom and left a funhouse mirror over your sink


…. You cry when you run out of creamer for your coffee, your favorite underwear is in the laundry, or they play a rerun of the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel get back together


…. You feel like you’ve collected an additional personality


…. You start treating potato chips like their own food group


…. You become irritated that people keep asking if you’re ok, when you’re obviously JUST FUCKING FINE, GOD!!


…. Moderately annoying events become front page tragedies – “You put the toilet paper roll on wrong (and yes, there is a wrong way)!?  Clearly, you no longer want this relationship!”


…. Your second-closet chair (we all have one) is overloaded with outfit discards that just don’t quite fit right today


…. You swear you can hear your bathing suit and yoga pants mocking you from the closet


…. You’re 100% sure the planet is dying, you’ll never find true love, and Donald Trump will be the next president.


…. Your water bottle contains Pinot Noir


…. Someone cuts you off on the freeway and you immediately go Fast and the Furious on their ass


…. People being happy near you gives you a migraine


…. Even a compliment comes off as undue criticism.  “You look beautiful today!”  “What, as opposed to how I NORMALLY look?”


…. You expect a medal for completing simple tasks—gold for cleaning the shower, silver for doing the laundry



And the most frustrating thing of all is that you do not actually REALIZE it’s all just PMS until the metaphorical dam breaks, in spite of the last however-many times you’ve had this exact same experience…


…and one month later, you will have completely forgotten and go through the same stupid thing again.



Daleen Ayres is a fully functioning adult woman (26 days out of the month) and mother to the funniest woman this side of the Mississippi, Samantha “Jill” Clarke.  Give Daleen some love in the comments and share your funny clue-ins that you or someone you know is drawing near their “monthly time!”



10 Life Lessons from Kimmy Schmidt



10 Life Lessons from Kimmy Schmidt | Guest Post from Becca Edwards | Jill of all Trades


A guest post by Becca Edwards





Unless you’ve been living in a bunker for the past 15 years, you’ve heard of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m not much of a tv watcher myself, but I binge-watched that first season in one sitting. (Psst: go watch it now, it’s on Netflix. Take your time, I’ll still be here when you get back.)





Kimmy’s character is truly unbreakable; even after living underground with a cult leader for years, she still has an indomitable will. She’s friendly and motivated, awkward and excited, happy and approachable. She thinks the best of people but isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and what she believes is right.




We can all look up to her awesomeness, so here are some life lessons I learned from Kimmy herself:



1. Enjoy the mundane




Yeah, you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic again (or at least I am) and it’s going to take twice as long to get home. Be like Kimmy and find what’s wonderful about the moment. Everyone else may be bored, frustrated, and angry, but you don’t have to be.



2. Be different




Change it up a bit. Not every moment has to be routine or normal. Enjoy that candy, girl. You deserve it.



3. Know your worth




Kimmy’s always reminding her friends (and the strangers she meets) of their value. She knows what it’s like to be treated as less than she should be and fights. Realize that you’re truly valuable in and of yourself, and don’t let anyone get you down.



4. Don’t put up with other people’s crap




If someone is doing something you’re not okay with, you have full rights to defend yourself. It doesn’t matter if it was meant as a joke or they didn’t know what they were doing. You know what’s good for you. Be straightforward and tell people to knock it the fuck off.



5. Look out for others




If you see someone who’s hurting, in need or in danger, offer to help them. Mainly because it’s the right thing to do, but also because you don’t know what kind of an impact it will make on their life (or yours).



6. Let your goofy side show




Why be serious all the time? Hiding behind the shell of what you’re supposed to be stagnates your growth and your personality. Yeah, some people are going to look at you weird or be judgmental. That’s on them though. You be you–the world needs more authentic people shining their unique light.



7. Embrace the hate




People think they can push your buttons and tear you down? Nice try. Turn those insults into compliments and destroy the power they thought they had over you.



8. Accept your mistakes




As people we screw up all the time. But it can be hard to admit when we do, especially when our mistakes impact our identity. Open up and apologize anyway, even if it’s tough.



9. Encourage your friends




Let them know you have their back when they’re going through a difficult time. Be their support, and fight for them, especially to themselves.



10. Don’t give up












Life’s not all milk and honey or roses or whatever other clichè phrase represents happiness and peace. Sometimes life just sucks and all we can do is keep going; all we can do is survive. Keep fighting and working hard, and don’t let this current situation keep you down. Stay strong, stay determined, and keep going.



What lessons have you learned from Kimmy? Please share them in the comments, or let me know what other show I should watch next.





Becca Edwards is the Stategy Director at Rallio, a platform that helps multi-location brands manage their online and social media presence. In her free time she creates videos on YouTube on her channel and thinks about feminism, economic empowerment, religious history, and why Gravity Falls had to end so soon.

You can follow her on Twitter!