What Is Jill of all Trades About?

Good fucking question.

Here’s the thing: all the “blogging experts” (in other words, random people on the internet who started blogging about blogging, got tons of traffic, and then decided that meant they were “gurus”) say that you should find your niche or hone in on your purpose.

Jill of all Trades actually had a pretty distinct purpose at first, albeit a stupid one (I was 20): already by that point in my life I’d held a LOT of different jobs, and most of them were customer service, so I was telling funny stories from my work experience.

It was bad, the stories were bad, and I was bored after like 4 posts.

I had a brief period in 2013 when I was rebranding, redesigning, considering moving from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site, and seriously questioning what I was even doing.  I realized my blog was half a humor (?) blog, and half about…everything else.  I was getting more and more interested in social and political issues, and I seriously reconsidered starting over–even changing the name of the blog.

But I realized that “Jill of all Trades,” to my luck, was a delightfully vague concept that could be marketable from many an angle.  I decided to keep it, and start branding myself more as “everything, but from a woman’s perspective.”  I went with the whole “jack of all trades, master of none” thing.  It let me keep wandering forward, relatively purposeless, while maintaining some semblance of a brand.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well…I’m kind of still in the same boat.  Most of what I write about is still social and political issues: feminism, civil rights, personal growth and open-mindedness, how Donald Trump is gross and terrifying, etc.  I’m also still a humor blogger, in that I like to think I’m funny, sometimes my posts are all-funny, and I tell a stupid little joke in my tagline every day.  So…is that what I go with?

“Jill of all Trades: socially conscious with a sense of humor?”

I mean…maybe.  But is that brand-able?  Does it fit with “Jill of all Trades?”  Should I change my name?  Should I narrow my purpose?  Do I even need a purpose?


Here’s what I want to know from my audience: what do you like reading on Jill of all Trades?  Which kinds of posts do you get excited about?  Do you think I’m funny at all or should I totally give up on the funny stuff (comics have terrible self-esteem, just humor me here)?  What posts make you go “holy shit my Twitter followers HAVE to see this” and what posts make you go “ugh, this again?”


You can leave comments below, or if you want to criticize my heart and soul in privacy, you can email me at jilldetrabajos@gmail.com.

…which, side note, that’s another thing–“Jill of all Trades” is a) a cleaning company in Louisiana that STILL ranks first on Google over me, and b) taken on pretty much every social media outlet ever including Google and Twitter, forcing me to loosely translate it to Spanish to be able to get accounts.  This is fucking awful for branding, and has no doubt confused about a billion people.