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Do you have an awesome idea? Would you like to share it with an audience that likes awesome ideas?

Write a guest blog post for Jill of all Trades!



Who Can Write For Jill of all Trades?


Anyone can write for me. You don’t have to have a blog, or writing experience. You just have to have a good idea and some decent writing, and you have to be okay with me going newspaper editor on your ass when you send me misspelled and poorly-grammaticized shit.


I may be a hypocrite. But it’s my blog party, and I’ll cry if I want to.



Here’s how:


Email me a pitch.


You can send a draft if you’d like, but all I require is the premise and a few sentences about it. If I accept I’ll have you provide the post, at least one image, a headshot, a short author bio, and links to your blog/Twitter/etc (if you’d like).


No duplicates, please.  If you write for my site, you get full credit, links, all that jazz, but I will own it. I don’t want it popping up all over the internet–it’s bad for business.



Send The Pitch Via Submission Form Below!


I’m quite timely with my responses–you should have a response within a week. If you don’t, try sending it again–it may have been buried.



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